This is an illustration of a woman's head with long flowing hair in light blue and yellow colors surrounded by a universe with stars and the moon in the background.

Joe Giaquinto

Psychic Medium, Paranormal Investigator

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Spirit Photography

As an artist, Joe has been also fortunate to make a connection with the spirit world through his camera, channeling ghostly images through the lens, with a combination of photographic and drawing skills. The results of his efforts are beautiful, impressionistic artworks, which can be faces, objects, places or text messages.

People often ask Joe who painted his art and are surprised when he tells them they are photographs. Once, Facebook even asked Joe to tag one of his images as a Facebook friend! Joe believes our spiritual universe is a beautiful place. He feels fortunate to share its art with everyone.

Joe exhibits at various galleries and events around Long Island, New York and also online. If you'd like to see his next exhibit, click here to contact him.

The French Woman

The Time Wizard

The Alchemist

The Psychic