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On this page are examples of EVP recordings using a ghost box, from Joe Giaquinto's paranormal investigations with author and historian, Kerriann Flanagan Brosky. These EVPs are featured in Kerriann's fourth historical ghost book, Haunted Long Island Mysteries (2021).

Milleridge Inn, Jericho, NY
Appears on page 23 of the book

Joe: "Elena, you want to say hello to them?"
Elena: "Hello, spirits."
Spirit: "Elena."
Joe: "I think I heard, 'Elena.'"
Spirit: "Great!" Kerriann: "We had gotten energy. Is it from the little girl in the Garden Room?"
Spirit: "Who’s that?"
Spirit: "Who are you?"
Spirit: "This time, she's dead."
Spirit: "Me!"
Joe: "Me. I heard me." Kerriann: "Is the little girl that got burned in the fire with us today?"
Spirit: "Hi."
Joe: "I think she said, 'Hi.'"
Spirit: "Love you!"
Kerriann: "Are you here with us?"
Spirit: "Yes."
Spirit: "Of course." (British accent heard.)

Brewster House, East Setauke, NY
Appears on page 32 of the book

Joe: "So, is there anything you want to tell us about this house as we walk around?"
Spirit: "Wounded. They all dead."
Spirit: "Got it?"
Joe: "Got it."
Spirit: "Thank you!" Joe: "This is where the British sat?"
Spirit: "They are not countrymen."
Spirit: "They were left for dead." Joe: "We're using the ghost box. Play with the scanner."
Spirit: "Hello." Joe: "My name is Joe. What's your name?"
Spirit: "Robert."
Joe: "Robert?"
Spirit: "In person." Joe: "Is anyone from the Brewster family here?"
Spirit: "Yes. Let me type… Kenneth Barton." (Strong English accent!)
Joe: "Is Caleb Brewster here?"
Spirit: "Present." Joe: "Amazing orbs upstairs in the attic of the Brewster house."
Spirit: "We know." Joe: "We're done, yeah."
Spirit: "Thank God we're done!"
Joe: "Thank God? Hahaha. Was it that painful?"
Spirit: "No." Spirit: "Caleb here. Caleb!"
Spirit: "He faced many men."
Joe: "Anybody else have fun?"
Spirit: "You and Kerriann."
Spirit: "Caleb lives at his spirit."

Meadow Croft, Sayville, NY
Appears on pages 43-44 of the book

Joe: "Are the Roosevelts here?"
Spirit: "They're not dead!"
Kerriann: "How many of you are here with us today?"
Spirit: "Counting private residents, per se?" Staff: "Do you like what we're doing here?"
Spirit: "Uh-huh."
Kerriann: "Uh-huh. Did you hear that?"
Spirit: "You're on track." Joe: "We love you!"
Spirit: "Cool!" Staff: "Are any of the Roosevelt daughters here with us?"
Spirit: "Some."
Kerriann: "Some." Kerriann: "Are you happy this is going into a book?"
Spirit: "It will take off." Kerriann: "John, are you here?"
Spirit: "Yes."
Joe: "Yes."
Kerriann: "Were you happy in your house?"
Spirit: "I've never been uncomfortable." Kerriann: "John, are you here in the house with us now?"
Spirit: "John."
Joe: "John?" Did you hear John? They just said, John."
Kerriann: "I heard him, yes."
Spirit: "John." Staff: "John, are we keeping up the history correctly?"
Spirit: "Comfortable."
Kerriann: "It's comfortable." Staff: "Nannie, are you here?"
Spirit: "She's here."
Group: "She's here! She's here!"

Farm Country Kitchen, Riverhead, NY
Appears on pages 51-52 of the book

First EVP Set: Kerriann: "Do you like that we can use the box to communicate?"
Spirit: "In general, it's okay for whatever."
Kerriann: "You can communicate with us through this."
Spirit: "In the farmer's kitchen?"
Kerriann: "We want to write a good story about this restaurant." Spirit: "Hello."
Kerriann: "Are you happy this story is going into a book?"
Spirit: "Where?"
Spirit: "No." Joe: "Spirits, you have to interrupt the scan…"
Spirit: "I did."
Joe: "…and blank out the noise so we can hear your voice."
Spirit: "Got it."
Joe: "Got it." Tom: "Does Tom have anything to say?"
Spirit: "Tom."
Joe: "This is his Dad."
Spirit: "Don't complicate." Tom: "Does he have anything to say to me?"
Spirit: "Eight!" (Continuing the number count)
Spirit: "Set your vision." Joe: "Repeat it again, spirits."
Spirit: "I'll text you."
Group: "I'll text you!" Joe: "Is Tom's dad here?"
Spirit: "Tom's higher."
Joe: "I think he said he's higher."
Spirit: "Grace he knew."
Spirit: "I like balloons." Tom: "Can you tell the spirits, do me a favor? And have them stop breaking things. So, when things go to the floor, they don't break?"
Spirit: "She's not breaking."

Farm Country Kitchen, Riverhead, NY
Appears on pages 51-52 of the book

Second EVP Set: Tom: "Are there too many people here?"
Spirit: "Twenty."
Group: "Twenty."
Joe: "Could you do a count?" (At this point Tom ran down the stairs to count)
Maria: "That one I heard clearly."
Joe: "Yeah."
Joe: "You guys loved him, don't you?" (A reference to a family friend)
Spirit: "Nice."
Kerriann: "Are you happy we are including this in the book?"
Spirit: "Yes."
Joe: "I think I heard a yes there." (Tom comes back up the stairs)
Tom: "Nineteen customers here."
Spirit: "Yes."
Group: "Oh my God!"

Smith-Estate at Longwood , Ridge, NY
Appears on pages 62-63 of the book

First EVP Set: Kerriann: “Do you remain here in the house?”
Joe: “No, they’re on the other side. Let me define that. So you’ve passed obviously?
Spirit: “The other side.”
Joe: "On the other side. Did you hear them say the other side?" In this next EVP the spirits make reference to Joe and Kerriann using the ghost box…
Kerriann: “Are you glad that we are here?”
Spirit: “Using the box.”

Smith-Estate at Longwood , Ridge, NY
Appears on pages 62-63 of the book

2nd EVP Set: Kerriann: “Who is the gentleman that's outside by the front porch?”
Spirit: “You’re talking to him.”

Earle-Wightman House, Oyster Bay, NY
Appears on pages 69-71 of the book

First EVP Set: Kerriann: "Does the woman who killed herself in the house stay here?"
Spirit: "Of course!"
Group: "Of course!"
Denice: "Oh, God!"
Joe: "That's the woman… that's the woman we're sensing. You heard that right?" Denice: "Does she kill herself? Does somebody kill her?"
Spirit: "It's possible."
Spirit: "Yes."
Spirit: "Killed her."
Spirit: "Insulting the mother."
Denice: "Hi spirit. Did somebody kill her?"
Spirit: "Yes."
Group: "Yes." Spirit: "Who stabbed her?"
Joe: "I'm feeling like it was a man… a jealous lover."
Spirit: "Yes."
Spirit: "No." Joe: "So, he pushed her out of the window?"
Spirit: "Yes."
Joe: "I heard yes."
Joe: "She's okay now though, right?"
Spirit: "She's higher."
Joe: "Higher… she's higher."
Spirit: "Life without her…"
Kerriann: "Life without her…"
Joe: "Life without her – something." Kerriann: "So, did you want Denice to know this… that she's here?"
Spirit: "You could tell her…"
Spirit: "Awful. Awful. They found her a little later."
Spirit: "In the grave."
Kerriann: "In the grave, it sounded like." Kerriann: "Do you know what year she died?"
Spirit: "She died, age seventeen."
Spirit: "Age seventeen, she was raised." [to heaven]
Kerriann: "Do you know what year she died?"
Joe: "What year did this woman die?" Spirit: "Talk to her."
Spirit: "Seventeen."
Joe: "1700s?"
Spirit: "Seventeen."
Spirit: "He doesn't." (Joe doesn't understand the answer.") Kerriann: "What about the 1900s? You think it happened in the 1900s. Is that correct?"
Spirit: "I think Mister Smith do it."
Spirit: "He's right."
Kerriann: "Is there anything else you would like to tell us?"
Spirit: "No." Spirit: "They don't get it."
Spirit: "The age. Tell him, he's right."
Spirit: "No problem."
Spirit: "Age approaching…"
Group: "18!"
Spirit: "Correct!"
Joe: "All right, we got 18. Is that when the woman died? In the 1800s?"
Kerriann: "Or, maybe it was the age."
Joe: "Oh, the age 18?"
Kerriann: "Yeah, was she age 18?"
Spirit: "Yes."
Joe: "That could have been a yes." Kerriann: "We just want to make sure you definitely crossed over. You don't have to stay here."

Earle-Wightman House, Oyster Bay, NY
Appears on pages 69-71 of the book

3rd EVP Set: Joe: "Hi spirits!"
Spirit: "Yep."
Joe: "Yep."
Spirit: "Okay."
Joe: "Okay."
Spirit: "No problem here."
Joe: "No problem, here. All right."
Spirit: "Just perfect." Joe: "How you doing?"
Spirit: "Thank you."
Spirit: "Got you."
Spirit: "Rocking." Joe: "Okay, we're ready to ask some questions…"
Spirit: "Sheppard."
Group: "Oh, Sheppard!"
Joe: "Thank you spirits!"
Denise: "You heard that?"
Joe: "You heard them say your last name, Sheppard."

Earle-Wightman House, Oyster Bay, NY
Appears on pages 69-71 of the book

2nd EVP Set: Kerriann: "Did Major Simcoe…"
Spirit: "Yes."
Kerriann: "…come to this house?"
Joe: "I heard yes."
Spirit: "He was."
Spirit: "Oh, success." Kerriann: "So, Major Simcoe's men were housed here. The Queen's Rangers."
Spirit: "Of course."
Kerriann: "Of course."
Joe: "Of course."

Private Home, Huntington, NY
Appears on pages 88-90 of the book

Kim: "Mom, are you here?"
Spirit: "Yes. She is sleeping. Older person."
Joe: "Older person."
Spirit: "Seventy. The mom."
Kim: "Mom, are you around?"
Spirit: "The mom -- right here."
Joe: "I heard something about mom."
Kim: "Yeah, I heard mom."
Joe: "Mom, right?" Kim: "Uh, Johnny, are you here?"
Spirit: "I'm here."
Joe: "Johnny… was he a young person?"
Spirit: "Right."
Joe: "Can he say the name of the people here?"
Spirit: "That's John/Johnny." Joe: "Who's sitting next to me?"
Spirit: "Bon voyage." In this next excerpt Kerriann is asking the spirits what they think about being in the book, and about the house being a dairy barn… Kerriann: "Are you happy we want to… this story in the book?"
Spirit: "Book?"
Joe: "Book?"
Spirit: "Don't worry. Thanks for coming." Kerriann: "Do you like using this tool?"
Spirit: "Yes."
Spirit: "Me?"
Kerriann: "Is it easy for you to…"
Spirit: "I don't know!"
Kerriann: "…use this tool?"
Joe: "…the radio." Kerriann: "We would like to know more about the history. Was this a farm?"
Spirit: "Okay!"
Kerriann: "Was this a dairy farm?"
Spirit: "That's right."
All: "That's right."
Kerriann: "There were cows here?"
Spirit: "Was a farm." Lisa: "Do you like being here with all of us?"
Spirit: "Good."
Joe: "Good."
Spirit: "Hearing me?"
Spirit: "What's your problem?" Spirit: "Keep the property." (We believe this was a reference for Lisa to keep the house and property. Possibly a message from her husband.)

Hawkins-Mount Homestead, Stony Brook, NY
Appears on pages 98-100 of the book

Joe: "We're going to do the ghost box recording session."
Spirit: "Exactly!"
Joe: "Okay Mr. Mount, welcome."
Joe: "Mr. Mount, are you here?"
Spirit: "A couple of days before." Joe: "Kerriann is here, Kerriann say your name."
Joe: "We'll introduce ourselves to the spirits."
Spirit: "Love you!" Kerriann: "William, it's me. I know you want Joe to call you Mr. Mount."
Spirit: "Exactly."
Kerriann: "But I can call you William? Yes?"
Spirit: "Yes."
Kerriann: "Okay." Joe: "Uh, hi spirits. How are you?"
Spirit: "Fifth dimension." Joe: "It's a radio. That's right."
Spirit: "It's scanning."
Joe: "On FM - that's correct." Kerriann: "William, are you happy that we're in your house?"
Spirit: "Investigational." Kerriann: "William, the room that we're in now… Is this where you painted?"
Spirit: "Yes."
Kerriann: "Was your brother Thomas [Sheppard] in this room?"
Spirit: "Unfortunately." Joe: "Yeah, thank you for letting us come in here today."
Spirit: "All right." Joe: "My sister has a painting done by your brother."
Spirit: "Yes, I know." Joe: "We're having fun."
Spirit: "Some fun."
Joe: "Thank you."
Spirit: "Good."
Spirit: "Thank you."
Joe: "You're welcome." Spirit: "Look at this sh_t!"
Joe: "You know, we were at the Ketcham Inn in Center Moriches. When we first went there it was just a bunch of boards torn up and now it's so beautiful in there. You ever been there? Could you take your soul there and take a look and see how pretty it is?"
Spirit: "Love it!"
Spirit: "Jamming!" Joe: "Let me know when you're back."
Spirit: "Hello Joe."
Spirit: "We're here." Joe: "Hi! You're right here. Okay. Yeah, the Ketcham is very pretty."
Joe: "I think your house will be really pretty when it's done." Joe: "Ah, we're going walk downstairs and keep the ghost box on."
Spirit: "Got ya!"
Joe: "Thank you."
Spirit: "I saged this room." Joe: "This is fun. We had a lot of fun!"
Spirit: "Yeah."
Spirit: "We love that Joe."
Spirit: "Sweetest person." Joe: "I know you're making sentences. Make one more sentence and I'm going to go downstairs."
Spirit: "We're set."
Joe: "We're set? Okay." Spirit: "Why?"
Joe: "Why what?"
Spirit: "You did a flash to me?"
Joe: "Oh, why did we do the flash?"
Spirit: "Mhmm."
Joe: "We don't use powder for a flash anymore." Joe: "Hello."
Spirit: "Spirit?"
Joe: "Spirits, yeah."
Spirit: "Hi!"
Joe: "Yeah, what's up? We're going downstairs now."
Spirit: "I know." Joe: "Oh, it's a great place!"
Spirit: "Protect this space!"

Long Island Maritime Museum, Sayville, NY
Appears on pages 118-119 of the book

Joe: "All right, so let's introduce ourselves and explain what we're going to do."
Terry: "I'm Terry. I'm the director of the museum."
Kerriann: "I'm Kerriann, I'm writing the book."
Spirit: "Ooh!"
Terry: "Ooh."
Kerriann: "It sounded like, 'Ooh'."
Joe: "Ooh?"
Joe: "And I'm Joe, the ghostbuster…"
Joe: "No comment, huh?"
Spirit: "No comment accepted." Kerriann: "How many of you are here with us?"
Spirit: "Hey you!"
Kerriann: "Hey you." Terry: "Who are you?"
Spirit: "Ed."
Kerriann: "Ed."
Joe: "Ed."
Kerriann: "Ed, did you live here?"
Spirit: "I lived."
Kerriann: "Ed, were you a captain?"
Spirit: "Correct!"
Joe: "Yes."
Spirit: "Is the captain!"
Joe: "He is the captain."
Spirit: "Which captain?"
Joe: "Which captain?"
Spirit: "Jacque, L.I."
Joe: "Whoa! That was a different voice…"
Kerriann: "Captain on Long Island?"
Kerriann: "You're a captain on Long Island."
Spirit: "Midshipman." Kerriann: "Are you the one that knocks the trophy off the shelf?"
Spirit: "We knocked."
Group: "We knocked. We knocked."
Kerriann: "Did you hear that?"
Joe: "We knocked. There's more than one."
Kerriann: "Why do you knock off the trophies?"
Spirit: "I shouldn't."
Joe: "I think he said, 'Shouldn't'." Spirit: "Hey."
Joe: "Hey."
Joe: "Ed, or whoever's here to use this. You just…"
Spirit: "Ed is."
Joe: "Yeah, Ed."
Kerriann: "Ed, are you the one that messes with the security system?"
Spirit: "It messes me." Joe: "How many spirits are here?"
Spirit: "Five."
Joe: "Five."
Spirit: "Thirty."
Joe: "Thirty." Joe: "Talk louder, guys."
Spirit: "Call for us."
Kerriann: "Call for us."
Joe: "We're getting a lot of answers."

Thompson House, Setauket-East Setauket,, NY
Appears on pages 125-127 of the book

Joe: "Hi spirits. How are you doing?"
Spirit: "Hi."
Joe: "Hi!" Joe: "Alright, spirits, you want to help us? We're at the Thompson House. You know that?"
Spirit: "Thank you."
Joe: "You're welcome."
Spirit: "Who cares?"
Joe: "Who cares? We do!" Kerriann: "Do you like this area?"
Spirit: "All of them!"
Joe: "That was an answer!"
Spirit: "Presently." Joe: "We're going to walk down the stairs. We're in the attic right now."
Spirit: "Hello."
Joe: "Okay, so we're back in the dining room, AKA surgery room, AKA meeting room." Joe: "How are you today?"
Spirit: "Fine."
Joe: "Kerriann is here. You want to see hello to Kerriann?"
Spirit: "Hiya!"
Joe: "Hiya."
Spirit: "Hi."
Joe: "Okay, those are… greetings." Kerriann: "Okay. Your question…"
Joe: "Question for you spirits."
Spirit: "No problem."
Joe: "No problem."
Kerriann: "Was Abraham Woodhull and Austin Roe in this house during the Revolutionary War?"
Spirit: "All dead."

Old Burying Ground, Sag Harbor, NY
Appears on page 136 of the book

Kerriann: "Are there anyone from the British from when this was a fort?"
Spirit: "There's one."
Kerriann: "Is there anyone here from the British soldiers?"
Spirit: "Hi."
Joe: "He said hi."
Spirit: "Try me." Kerriann: "Was anyone hung in this cemetery?"
Spirit: "Two people were."
Joe: "Two people were."
Kerriann: "Yeah, that's what I thought he said." Joe: "The British were on this side of the road?"
Spirit: "Check."
Joe: "Check."
Spirit: "The fort!" (British accent/music plays) Joe: "The British were over here in this cemetery. This is the fort over here?"
Spirit: "There's little doubt."

Sands-Willets House, Port Washington, NY
Appears on pages 142-143 of the book

Joe: "Hi spirits. How are you?"
Spirit: "We're fine."
Ann: "I thought I heard him say fine?"
Joe: "Fine, right? Okay, make a note of that." Joe: "If you hear anything, just call it out."
Spirit: "Fine."
Joe: "Did you hear them?" They said it again. Just to validate it."
Spirit: "You got me?"
Joe: "Yeah, that was a loud one fine."
Spirit: "That's right."
Joe: "Thanks spirits!"
Spirit: "Yazoo." Joe: "Hi spirits. How are you?"
Spirit: "Present."
Spirit: "I am free!" Kerriann: "I'm Kerriann."
Spirit: "Thank you!"
Ann: "I'm Ann."
Pat: "I'm Pat."
Fred: "I'm Fred."
Joe: "I'm Joe."
Spirit: "Good evening, sir." Joe: "Good evening. Who's here today? Give us your names."
Spirit: "Oh, dear!" Kerriann: "This is Kerriann. How many spirits are visiting with us today?"
Spirit: "One."
Group: "I heard one. I heard one, also." Kerriann: "Mr. Willets, I took a photograph of your portrait."
Spirit: "You did?" Kerriann: "Was that you with the orb? (A humming vibration sound was then heard)
Kerriann: "Was that your spirit next to your portrait?"
Spirit: "Perhaps, you're right."
Kerriann: "Yeah, right I think he said?" Spirit: "What's your name?"
Group: "What's your name?"
Kerriann: "I heard that too."
Joe: "Yeah."
Kerriann: "My name is Kerriann." Kerriann: "Mr. Willets, were you with us in the basement? Were you next to Fred?"
Spirit: "You got him. He's my friend."
Fred: "Mr. Willets. This is Fred. Your house is in good hands. We try to maintain it as best we can and we will continue to do so in the future."
Spirit: "We like it!" Joe: "Thank you to the spirits. Thank you Mr. Willets for talking to us."
Spirit: "Good luck, sir!"

Slave Burial Ground, Stony Brook, NY
Appears on page 151 of the book

Spirit: "Yeah, Joe?"
Joe: "Hi spirits, can you hear us? Yes or no."
Spirit: "Yes."
Joe: "I think I heard, yes."
Spirit: "Just as well." Joe: "Alright, you want to introduce ourselves?"
Kerriann: "I’m Kerriann."
Spirit: "Kerriann."
Bob: "I’m Bob."
Spirit: "Bob."
Anna: "I’m Anna."
Spirit: "Anna." Kerriann: "How many spirits are with us, right now?"
Spirit: "Eight."
Spirit: "There's about six ghosts." Kerriann: "Is William Sidney Mount with us?"
Spirit: "Would be!"
Joe: "Would be."
Kerriann: "Did you hear that? Would be." Kerriann: "Is Cane with us?"
Spirit: "Let's do it!"
Joe: "He said, let’s do it."
Spirit: "I am!"
Joe: "I am! Did you hear him say, I am?" Kerriann: "Are you happy we’re writing your story in the book, so people know that you’re here?"
Spirit: "I'm just working."
Joe: "Cane!"
Spirit: "Yes." Bob: "Is anybody who’s familiar with the area?"
Spirit: "Oh, sure!"
Spirit: "Who can find a spy?"
Spirit: "McCarroll, hi!"

Nathaniel Conklin House, Babylon, NY
Appears on pages 163-164 of the book

Kerriann: "Are you happy with the condition of the house?"
Spirit: "Yes."
Staff: "Has anybody died in this house?"
Spirit: "Boy." Kerriann: "Is there a spirit that protects the cornerstone in the Federal Room?"
Spirit: "The original?"
Kerriann: "The original!"
Kerriann: "The original stone… I felt a presence. Was someone with us by the stone?"
Spirit: "AutoZone."
Joe: "Right? Original stone -- AutoZone."
Spirit: "You need to add words." Kerriann: "We're going to write the history of this house in a book, to keep it alive."
Spirit: "You in it?"
Spirit: "Good!"
Spirit: "Good!" Staff: "Who is the woman in the Country Store?"
Spirit: "Poor Rose."
Joe: "That was a name."
Spirit: "Rose?"
Spirit: "Rose. It sounded like Rose." Joe: "Anybody want to chime in with a question?"
Spirit: "How?" Joe: "The fellow upstairs -- the energy in the third floor -- are you here?"
Spirit: "It's ridiculous!"
Staff: "I heard that's ridiculous."
Joe: "I heard that -- I heard that too."
Joe: "What's ridiculous? It's your situation?"
Spirit: "Problems."
Joe: "Are you going to be okay upstairs there?"
Spirit: "In the room?" Staff: "Are the sisters who stored the stone… in the house?"
Spirit: "Maybe."

Sundance Stable, Manorville, NY
Appears on page 181 of the book

Part II, Rebecca: Joe: "Becca, if you hear us say 'hi'."
Spirit: "Here."
Joe: "Here. Did you hear her say here?"
Group: "Yes." Joe: "What was your favorite horse's name, Becca?"
Spirit: "Love. Shooter."
Group: "I heard Shooter!"
Joe: "Was that a horse's name?"
Group: "She hated Shooter."
Group laughs.
Joe: "She hated Shooter."
Joe laughs. Joe: "Jeanie, you want to ask her something?"
Jeanie: "Becca, how is Shooter doing with me? How we doing riding?"
Spirit: "Perfect."
Gerard: "I thought I heard perfect."
Joe: "Perfect? Okay, good."
Jeanie: "Which is not true, at all!"
Spirit: "You're kind." Suddenly, the ghost box stops scanning at Becca's favorite Christmas song…
Song: "Like a picture print by Currier and Ives…"
Joe: "Okay."
Song: "These wonderful things are the things…"
Eric: "What movie is that from?"
Lynne: "Becca and I used to sing that song in the car."
Joe: "Really?" That song?"
Lynne: "All the time."
Group: "Yeah."
Spirit: "Not bad."
Joe: "Not bad." Joe: "Talk to your father."
Spirit: "Hi Dad."
Joe: "Hi Dad. Did you hear that? Hi Dad."