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On this page are examples of EVP recordings using a ghost box, from Joe Giaquinto's paranormal investigations with author and historian, Kerriann Flanagan Brosky. These EVPs are featured in Kerriann's third historical ghost story book, Historic Haunts of Long Island: Ghosts and Legends from the Gold Coast to Montauk Point (2015).

Villa Paul

Within ten minutes of starting the interview, Joe felt the presence of a small animal near him. During the subsequent ghost box recording, Kerriann asks if there is a dog here. The spirit replies, "That's right. One."

Appears on page 22 of the book

Shops at Suite Pieces

Joe: Hello.
Spirit: Hello.

Spirit: Hey!
Joe: Hey.

Joe: How are you?
Spirit: Hey.
Spirit: Hey, man.

Amanda: Hello!
Spirit: Hi.

Spirit: Donde este una pregunta? (Where is your question?)
Kerriann: We dont speak Spanish.
Joe: Question!

Appears on page 40 of the book

Grey Horse Tavern

Joe: Hello spirits?
Spirit: Spirit.
Joe: Yeah, answer there.

Spirit: Hi!
Joe: Hey, how ya doing?

Joe: You like this bar?
Spirit: Yes.
Joe: I heard yes.

Joe: Do you know why were here, right?
Spirit: Partly.
Joe: Partly?

Kerriann: Were writing a book.
Joe: Were writing a book--shes writing a book.

Joe: Do you miss being on this side?
Spirit: Yeah.
Joe: Yeah.

Joe: How is Kate as a bartender?
Spirit: Hot stuff.

Joe: Hello.
Spirit: Who dat?

Joe: Hello, hello. How are ya?
Spirit: Beautiful!
Joe: Beautiful.

Appears on page 62 of the book

Cutchogue Old School House

Joe: We'll do the ah, uh…
Spirit: Say.
Joe: Did he just say, say?
Spirit: Si.

Joe: Perfect.
Spirit: The medium will work.

Joe: Is Mr. Travis here?
Spirit: It's me.
Joe: I think that said… I think they both said it's me.

Zach: Mister Travis, how many students did you have the last year you taught here?
Spirit: Five.
Joe: I heard five.

Zach: So Mr. Travis, where did you go when you left Cutchogue?
Joe: Where did you go where left you Cutchogue, Mister Travis?
Spirit: The stairs.*

Joe: Hes coming over now.
Spirit: Good…

Joe: Did you stay in the area?
Spirit: Me?
Joe: Yeah, you. For you.
Spirit: Wow.

Joe: Uh, did you enjoy being a teacher?
Spirit: Yes.
Joe: Did that sound like a yeah? Okay, good!

Kerriann: Are you happy that were including the schoolhouse in the new book?
Spirit: A book!
Spirit: Oh my God!

* Perhaps a reference to a stairway to heaven.

Appears on page 171 of the book

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