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On this page are examples of EVP recordings from Joe Giaquinto's paranormal investigations with author and historian, Kerriann Flanagan Brosky. These EVPs are featured in Kerriann's third historical ghost story book, Historic Haunts of Long Island: Ghosts and Legends from the Gold Coast to Montauk Point (2015).

Villa Paul Restaurant

Unearthly whispering is heard during our conversation.

EVP recording courtesy of Kerriann Flanagan Brosky.

Appears on page 22 of the book

Villa Paul Restaurant

A voice comments on Kerriann's work and says, "I'm the photographer."

EVP recording courtesy of Kerriann Flanagan Brosky.

Appears on page 22 of the book

Execution Rocks Lighthouse

While one of the Coast Guardsmen, Kerriann and I are in the lighthouse, the sound of a woman wailing is clearly heard…

Appears on page 53 of the book

Ketcham Inn

This is an unusual EVP. You hear it at 15 seconds. You hear a forward EVP and a reverse EVP from the same segment pasted together back to back. The forward clip says, "For Miss" and the reverse segment says, "Emerald". Pasted together they say, "For Miss Emerald." Maybe a patron at the ballroom had a table reserved.

As often happens we get phenomena right after I comment on something happening around us. This EVP occurred right after I said, "I'm getting a chill now."

Appears on page 79 of the book

Katie's Bar

As Brian talks about his experiences at Katie's bar, you hear a man's voice say, "You win."

EVP recording courtesy of Kerriann Flanagan Brosky.

Appears on page 104 of the book

Deepwells Farm

During our interview with Scott, you hear a single chord of a cello played. It's not surprising since we are in the music room.

Appears on page 118 of the book

Country House Restaurant

A ghostly voice says, "C-o-m-e."

Appears on page 132 of the book

Country House Restaurant

A ghostly voice says, "C-o-m-e."

Appears on page 132 of the book

Sagtikos Manor

After Kerriann says, "Thank you," a spirit says, "Hi."

Appears on page 140 of the book

Spy Coast Farm

We had a grand experience while walking through the woods in Strong's Neck. As we approached the water, off in the distance through the soft sound of the pelting rain, was the sound of cannon or gun fire--probably imprints from warships of the Revolutionary War. This recording is a montage of those shells and muskets. You can even hear the repeat of the guns echoing in the distance. When these sounds first occurred, we all heard them with our own ears. We were very excited to see the recorder had also picked several of them up.

Appears on page 149 of the book

Lloyd's Antiques

After Kerriann's camera has fallen, you hear the sound of glass breaking.

Appears on page 162 of the book

Rogers Mansion

A voice says, "I will help you Joe."

Appears on page 166 of the book

William Sidney Mount House

WSM=William Sidney Mount

WSM: Joseph.

JOE: Spirit? Is William Sidney Mount here? William Sidney Mount, William Sidney Mount. I think he's here, Mr. Mount is here.

WSM: Okay.

JOE: You know, I was going to give a speech on you, Mr. Mount.

WSM: Thank heaven, they will hear.

JOE: But they cancelled the event. Not enough people showed up and it was really sad because I wanted to talk about--your work.

KERRIANN: [Yeah and] this room is empty.

JOE: See Mister--Sidney Mount was very unhappy about--the Spiritualist Movement. He was um…

KERRIANN: Yeah I have all these papers that Bob gave me.

JOE: He was really into it and then he got disenchanted with the whole thing.

WSM: True.

JOE: …which is sad.

KERRIANN: Oh, is that what happened? That's [unbelievable].

JOE: I think, I believe so. Of what I've read and researched of him. He was a… he really was into… Oh look! Kerriann, Kerriann, look!…

JOE: Look, look! The door is opening. Did you see that?

JOE: No, you see all that? See how much energy it would take to do that? Okay so he has had a phenomena, the door beckoned us, it actually opened a little bit, opened up wide, about a foot, maybe three-quarters of a foot wide. It's not windy. It's a screen door so the air passes through it and it's a heavy spring.

KERRIANN: Stay right there…

JOE: It's a heavy spring door that wouldn't have opened on its own. Kerriann pulled the door open and it sprung right back so it's not just a free-wheeling door. I think--I think Mr. Mount opened the door for us. We both saw it.

KERRIANN: Yeah, we did!

JOE: Kerriann and I watched the door swing to and fro a bit and then close on its own. There's no wind by the way. The wind is dead right now.


JOE: So we just had a door-opening phenomena. Thank you.

KERRIANN: Tell Bob this.

JOE: Yeah, thank you spirits. Um, now. Question is: Do you want me to take a picture of you?

WSM: Okay.

JOE: [I can] use the screen reflection. Can you show up there? There is little bit of wind but it's nothing, nothing egregious.

WSM: I'll write to you.

JOE: Kerriann, that was it. That was as best as good as it gets my dear. That was a perfect opened right when we got to the door. He opened up for us.

KERRIANN: That, that was really amazing.

WSM: Joe.

JOE: You like that one? See that's what happened East Wind; we had a door open and close. By the way, I'm having a different breeze. There is wind around us, it's a cold wind, but it's not--it's not the breeze. We have spirits around us right now. Look at the… look!

KERRIANN: Woah, Joe! Two hawks?

JOE: Two hawks--one for each of us.

KERRIANN: Wha… what is your take on this?

JOE: Oh, I think it's all good.

WSM: Okay.

Appears on page 187 of the book

Biggs House

During this recording, the question is asked who is here with us; you hear a rapping on the wall as a response to our question.

Appears on page 205 of the book

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