Thanksgiving Message Circle Séance

Private Home
Calverton, NY

Saturday, November 17, 2018 (Starting at 7:00 PM)

One hundred years ago, this area was a thriving community of farms and mills as well as a burial site and an area traveled by Native Americans. The home, which sits on this haunted hill, has had phenomena including apparitions, orbs, EVPs, swaying chandeliers, footsteps in the upper rooms, furniture and objects moving, cold spots, high EMF readings and banging sounds on the walls.

Because of the high spiritual energy present here, Joe Giaquinto, a medium and paranormal investigator, will host a live message circle, 1800s séance style at this location. Your loved ones in-spirit are invited to attend the message circle. Participants around the table can also share messages for each other.

Seating is very limited at this event.

Ticket price: $35.00/person (pay at the door)

Email Request Info/RSVP

For reservations, call (631) 834-7819

Greenlawn Spiritual Investigation

Private Home
Greenlawn, NY

Saturday, November 24, 2018 (Starting at 7:00 PM)

Join Joe Giaquinto, Psychic-Medium and Ghost Investigator as he holds a spiritual message circle in this private Greenlawn residence. Our mission is to help the family and friends connect to loved ones who have passed and to explore the interesting energy that is associated with this location. The residents have photographed ghostly faces in the windows. And a wine glass sitting all by itself on a table suddenly shattered but remained upright on only the glass' stem.

A live ghost box recording Q&A session with the spirits will be conducted during this event. Limited seating.

Please note this event was originally scheduled for Friday, November 9th. We are waiting for confirmation for either Friday, November 23rd or Saturday, November 24th for the new event date. Will keep you posted…

Ticket price: $35.00/person

Email Request Info/RSVP

For reservations, call (631) 834-7819


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